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Protect Your Vehicle’s Fit & Finish this Winter With Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is Harsh Weather Resistant & Optimal For Ottawa’s Winter Driving

Protecting and maintaining your vehicle’s fit and finish is a top-of-mind choice many drivers. Ottawa’s four season driving conditions can make this challenging especially in the middle of winter at forty below! Not to worry, there is an easy solution for you. It’s called Ceramic Pro, a nano technology coating for your vehicle’s paint, interior protection of leather and fabric!

As the beautiful autumn leaves give way to Ottawa’s winter, the driving conditions change as well.  More specifically, winter driving and the various road grime which appear in the form of snow, road salt, a combination of both and slush all can cause havoc to your vehicle’s paint overtime.

Ceramic Pro: What is It?

The revolutionary nano paint technology Ceramic Pro in its simplest explanation bonds to the paint surface and creates a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield.  It’s like adding an extra layer of clear coat to your vehicle’s paint!

Ceramic Pro Benefits Your Vehicle: In Every Driving Season

The biggest benefit to applying Ceramic Pro is that it’s harsh weather resistant & forms a rigid barrier between your vehicle’s paint and that of road salt, slush, dirt and road grime.

Interior Protection for Your Vehicle’s Leather and Fabric

When we talk about fit and finish the vehicle’s interior needs to be discussed as well. There are two interior options available from Ceramic Pro to cover your vehicle’s interior with the ultimate protection.

Ceramic Pro Textile modifies the fabric surface so that when liquids come in contact it forms liquid beads that simply roll off the textile keeping the surface dry.

Ceramic Pro Leather preserves the factory look & feel of your vehicle seats while slowing the aging process.

 Repels unwanted spills & stains
 Keeps fabric & leather clean
 2 Year Ceramic Pro Warranty

Ceramic Pro
Ceramic Leather Protection

Why should I invest in a Ceramic coating for my vehicle?

 Transferable Warranty Protection
Peace-of-mind if you sell your vehicle the Ceramic Pro warranty can be passed onto the next owner
 Complete Exterior Protection | paint, windows, rims
 Varying Levels of Protection | Winter Specific (one season) to Gold Pkg. (lifetime)
Scratch/Scuff Resistant
UV Protection
Self-Cleaning (easy maintenance)


What is ceramic vehicle paint protection?

New Generation of Automotive Paint Protection Coatings

From 2 years to Lifetime protection with warranty that is transferable & verified thru CarFax. We’re Ceramic Pro Ottawa’s largest volume installer for Ceramic Pro Coatings and have extensive experience with all makes & models.

What is Ceramic Pro?

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle or recently purchased one, paint protection maybe top of mind to ensure peace-of-mind with your new car investment.  So what type of protection should you go with?  Nano ceramic coatings, more specifically the industry-leading Ceramic Pro should be a top of mind solution when thinking about paint protection for your new vehicle.

 Ceramic Pro is a multi-layered clear liquid nano ceramic coating offering a permanent paint protection.
 It will transform the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield.
 Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with three times the hardness & self-cleaning properties.

Ceramic Pro

Never Wax Your Car Again!

Over the past decade, there has been great advancements in nano technology paint protection methods – the highest quality being that of ceramic coatings.  A multi-layer application of liquid nanoceramic coating and once cured (typically 14 days without a car wash after application) will completely transform the surface of a vehicle’s paint into a permanent glass shield.  With this new transformed protective surface over your vehicle’s paint, there is no need to wax your vehicle for the length of the coatings lifespan!

Want to know more about this service? (click to view)


Ceramic Pro has been independently tested by SGS – world’s leading inspection & verification entity – providing you with real quantifiable results. The third-party data is available (click link below) to view and offers peace-of-mind that Ceramic Pro works!

Why should I invest in a Ceramic coating for my vehicle?

Permanent Bond to Vehicle Paint | no need for seasonal or annual re-application

Reasonable Investment | lifetime protection and peace-of-mind

Self-Cleaning | road contaminants don’t stick to paint surface

Why we use Ceramic Pro products for this type of service?

We’re Certified Ceramic Pro Installers | knowledge to properly install & maintain

 Warranty Included | Ceramic Pro offers warranties ranging from 2 years to lifetime

 Industry-Leading | Continual R & D refinement to offer the best advancements

Car detailing benefits for selling your vehicle

Car detailing benefits for selling your vehicle

What can’t be said about having a clean car, other than a big smile on your face as your driving down the road!  Through the lens of most customers, automotive services and their associated costs can be similar to a trip to the dentist. No one likes it! For car detailing services this can be cast in a similar shadow. However, there is an added benefit of the potential to increase your ROI when it comes time to sell your vehicle!

Providing car detailing services for more than 15 years, we’ve had countless customers specifically receive our services either prior to an appraisal or for private sale and have in turn received better pricing as a result of the detailing services.

Additionally, a recent article in Driving.ca (link no longer works – you will have to google search the article or something similar) mentioned that detailing services produced an almost 20% increase in the appraisal value of a Honda Civic they used to showcase the benefits of auto-detailing.

It is clear that car detailing services can give your re-sale a “pop” in price at the end of your ownership. On the other hand, seasonal detailing (paint protection and interior steam-cleaning) will help preserve the aesthetic lifespan of your vehicle and may extend your overall appreciation for your vehicle – lending to owning it longer then otherwise envisioned!

Benefits of Paint Protection Film Applied to Headlights

Headlight Lens Protection Against Pitting & Road Grime

Why Apply Film to Your Vehicle’s Headlights?

We recently installed the highest rated 3M paint protection film – Pro Series – to the headlights of a newly purchased VW Golf R. The owner wanted to protect not only his new vehicle’s fit and finish but also against Ottawa’s tough road conditions, which can be littered with debris ranging from road salt, stones, sand, bugs.  Additionally, UV degradation (from the sun) impact the manufacturers’ UV coating on a vehicle’s headlights overtime.

Combining all of the above factors can cause the headlights to become hazy (as the UV coating degrades) and drastically reduce the effectiveness of the headlights brightness – especially for night driving.

Applying Paint Protection Film (such as 3M Pro Series) creates a barrier between the actual headlight and that of road debris and UV degradation, all of which impeding the brightness of the headlight over time.

The 3M product we use – Pro Series – comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty and the film is self healing — offering proper peace of mind that night time visibility shouldn’t be of concern during the ownership time frame of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film Application

Paint Protection Film applied to VW Golf Headlights

Financial Standpoint

Think of it as insurance. The service cost to apply paint protection film to vehicle headlights is typically under $200 for the installation. The cost is drastically less then purchasing either a new headlight (several hundred dollars) or having a yearly headlight polish (which is typically $50 to $100 per service visit) and will add-up to several hundred dollars over the vehicle’s life span (should light visibility be of a concern to you).

The big benefit of the 3M Pro Series film is that it can be removed – meaning that when it comes time to sell your vehicle, removing the paint protection film will leave your once protected headlights still looking relatively new.  This offers a clear indication of a well maintained vehicle during the selling process.

Hazed Headlights

hazed headlights

Top Tips to Car Washing Your Vehicle Like A Pro

Vehicle aesthetics is subjective from one vehicle owner to the next – while regular car cleaning enhances both the upkeep and personal enjoyment value, it isn’t necessary to the overall function of the vehicle compared to maintenance.

To help sway those vehicle owners who don’t hold the aesthetic upkeep of their vehicle in high regard, we’ve created “Car Wash Top Tips” to help simplify this process for a DYI perspective & hopefully help enhance the potential personal enjoyment of make your vehicle look nice on the road!

How Often & Time to Complete

  • A good rule of thumb for regular car driving is to wash your vehicle at least once a month – (this is to remove any surface contaminants which may impact paint protection in the form of waxes or sealants)
  • A typical “hand wash” for a car should take you approx 30 minutes to complete for a car & an additional 15 minutes for an SUV
  • If you don’t have a wash mit or chamois, you can use clean towels or even microfibers for those hard to reach areas

Basic Cleaning Steps

  • Always pre-rinse the vehicle before washing with car soap to help lift settled dirt (this will help reduce swirl marks)
  • Never use dish soap for regular washing as its detergent will strip any paint protection already on the vehicle
  • When hand washing work from the top of the vehicle and move downward (this will reduce the amount of grit build up on the wash pad)
  • Quick check list of car washing procedures:
    • Apply applicable pre-wash products (e.g. rim cleaner)
    • Spray off vehicle from top down & wash from top down (including regular rinsing of wash mit – reduce potential swirl marks)
    • Spray of vehicle & chamois, (wipe out door jambs for that added touch!)
    • With a clean microfiber or towel, give the exterior windows (once dry) an extra wipe down to remove any water marks

Good luck & remember these are just basic starting points to make the hand washing process easier for yourself.