What's the difference? Paint Protection Film, Car Bra, Bug Deflector

The Most Common Paint Protection Methods for Stone Chip Prevention

This excludes ceramic and other paint protection such as waxing and paint sealant which aren’t designed for stone chip prevention.

If you’ve driving down the road lately you might have noticed different forms of protection applied to the front portion of vehicles to protect against stone chips.  In this blog post we will breakdown the three most common stone chip prevention methods you’ll see on the road.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is made from urethane film and is virtually invisible when applied to the front portion of a vehicle.  It’s benefits include the protection and prevention of scratches, stone chips and staining from bugs.  The specific 3M Pro Series film we use also includes new technology that is “self healing”.  Should a stone chip cause a “nick” in the film, simply pouring warm water on the area will rejuvenate the area in question.  Additionally, PPF is computer cut specific to vehicle model type and trim level.  This means that additional areas of the vehicle maybe protected including: pillars, rocker panels and trunk strips.

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3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film

Bug Deflector

Typically made of rigid plastic, The intentions of a bug deflector are pretty much self explanatory to its name. Made of rigid plastic to withstand harsh driving conditions and varying climates, it’s installed on the front edge of the hood of the vehicle. This provides a mechanism to deflect bugs and road grime away from the hood and windshield portion of the vehicle.  (As these road debris come in contact with the piece of curved plastic, they are in turn deflected over the hood and roof of the vehicle as it travels down the highway.)  This method of paint protection is relatively cheap and cost effective.

Bug Deflector

Car Bra

Made from a mix of vinyl and leather, the Car Bra offers more protection to the front end of the vehicle than a bug deflector does.  Being cost effective, the Car Bra offers the advantage of a front end paint protection solution on a budget that is also removable.  The downside to the Car Bra is that unlike the bug deflector, it doesn’t deflect any road debris (bugs, rocks, dust, etc) away from the hood and windshield.  Additionally, its advised to remove the Car Bra periodically to clean out any build up dust and grit from its inner portions.  If left, it may cause premature scratching to areas in contact with the vehicle paint.

Car Bra