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Simple & Easy to Understand. Comprehensive in Protection.
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Our most comprehensive fit & finish warranty coverages

Ottawa’s four seasons make for both tough driving conditions and can also take a toll on the fit & finish of your vehicle. Our plans are designed to help safeguard your vehicle with protection that includes: tire/rim, key/remote replacement, dent/ding, windshield repair, lose of paint gloss, bird droppings, tree sap, oxidization, etc.

Let’s not forgot those unwanted spills & stains on the interior. All of which can cause deterioration and discoloration as a result of permanent staining to fabric, leather and vinyl caused from: coffee, milk, pop, etc.

Additional interior protection includes: rips & tears up to 6” in length, puncture & burns up to 1” in diameter.

Advantages to Warranty-First Plans

Flexibility to Select Different Plans

Select from two different warranty plans: 7-in-1 Road Hazard or Paint + Interior Protection

Straightforward Coverage

Coverage & protection details are simple and easy to understand, giving you peace-of-mind.

Trusted Warranty Specialist

For warranty claims, we work exclusively with our warranty broker to ensure first class claim service.

Warranty Product Lineup

We offer 7-in-1 Road Hazard & Paint + Interior products for your vehicle

7-in-1 protection

5 Year Warranty Protection

ECP Plus

7 Year Warranty Protection