Quality Control

To ensure our highest-level of customer satisfaction
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Our Service Expectations

Our service commitment is to meet not only our internal standards, but that of you the customer!

Internal Training & Salt Stain Removal

Internal training is provided to all staff with ongoing professional development

  • Emphasis on repetitive procedures for each service so that all steps are completed on every vehicle
  • Team approach (vehicles are completed with multiple staff to overlap each service step)
  • “Look over” procedure completed at end of every service w/ LED light inspection
  • Exterior vehicle “look over” once the vehicle is completed in shop

An internal service review is sent at random through our on-line booking system to help assess and refine our service quality.

Salt Stain Removal Guarantee

  • Available on Comprehensive packages & spot shampoo service
  • We guarantee the removal of road salt from your vehicle’s carpets (excluding winter months – where it will re-occur from your shoes/boots)
  • IF road salt re-appears on your vehicle carpets within one week from it being steam-cleaned serviced by JREK Autocare, at your convenience, please contact us and we will re-touch up the area
  • Please Note: additional quoted charges are applied to service price for visible road salt on vehicle carpets that seek steam-cleaning treatment

New to our Car Detailing service? Read these Common Questions

Q: I’ve never had my vehicle detailed, what should my expectations be?

A: Vehicle upkeep is the first issue to assume when getting your vehicle detailed. If you regularly have your vehicle detailed (e.g.. spring clean) and occasional upkeep (quarterly basic cleaning) than our detailing tools, products and service knowledge will provide a service outcome that meets our expectations and that of our customers.

Neglected vehicles (infrequent detail service and misuse by owner) will receive an outcome from our service that meets the wear and tear already incurred by owner use. Our tools, products and service knowledge go as far as cleaning and do not FIX missuses – managing your expectations is required in this aspect.

Q: I feel a service procedure wasn’t completed, what should I do?

A: If you feel that our service wasn’t up to your standards, we ask that you call us within a reasonable time-frame from service completion to return to our location and have the issue resolved. We do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.