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Our Paint Protection Film Services

Congratulations on your new or recently purchased vehicle!  Now is the time to consider protecting your vehicle’s investment over the long term.  Taking into consideration Ottawa’s tough four season driving conditions, paint protection against stone chips and other forms of road debris is top-of-mind.  We’ve got an easy solution for you and it’s called 3M Pro Series/STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film!

We offer four service options when it comes to peace-of-mind stone chip prevention.  To properly start your vehicle paint protection film selection process, there is a primary question you need to answer in order to filter and match your paint protection film service.

You need to determine the desired surface area protection for your vehicle – complete, partial or custom peace-of-mind coverage over the course of the ownership of your vehicle.

About Top-of-Line 3M Pro Series/STEK DYNOshield Film

A 3M/STEK film application is not intended for aesthetic enhancement, it’s intended to protect your vehicle investment. As such, we observe a three foot rule when the 3M/STEK film is applied to your vehicle — if you can’t see any flaws in the application from that distance it’s been installed correctly without manufacturer defect.

Road Debris
Protects vehicle paint against flying road debris such as gravel, tar & sand.

Up to 10 Year factory performance warranty

We’re Ottawa’s only factory certified 3M & STEK paint protection film installer.

Loaner Vehicle
Included with our three packages, offers hassle-free installation.

Our Paint Protection Film Packages

Ultimate Package | Full Hood, Bumper, Partial Fenders & Mirrors

Ultimate Paint Protection Film Pkg.

Our ultimate film package protects your entire vehicle’s front end against stone chips, stains and scratches. The top-of-line package for total front end stone chip prevention.

Film Highlight – self-healing – warm water can correct light scuffing on film

Driver Type – if you’re looking for the best protection for your vehicle’s fit & finish

Comprehensive Package | Full Bumper, Partial Hood, Fenders & Mirrors

Full bumper and partial hood 3M paint protection film

Our comprehensive film package protects against stone chips, stains and scratches, including: bumper, the leading edge of the hood, painted mirrors and fender panels.

Film Highlight – best solution against punishing outdoor weather

Driver Type – if you’re looking for complete protection coverage

Basic Package | Partial Hood, Fenders & Mirrors

3M partial hood paint protection film

Our basic film protection package protects against chips, stains and scratches, including: the leading edge of the hood, painted mirrors and fender panels. The standard 5 piece protection option.

Film Highlight – designed & engineered to protect the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking for basic protection coverage

Custom | Additional Protection Options

Custom 3M Paint Protection Film Coverage

Custom protection options that are not part of our standard packages, which includes: headlights, doors cups, partial hood only, custom locations (kick plates, etc.)

Film Highlight – no maintenance required once installed

Driver Type – specific service need or an extra add-on to one of our basic or comprehensive packages