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To properly select your vehicle paint protection service, there is a primary question you need to answer in order to filter and match your paint protection service. You need to determine if you require a basic yearly protection or if you require paint correction (to fix minor blemishes e.g. snow brush marks) + basic yearly paint protection.

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3-Step paint protection is required when the vehicle paint needs to be treated in order to restore minor blemishes in the paint surface such as snow brush marks.

Corrective Qualities – minimal clear coat removal, restores paint from fine scratches typically incurred from winter wear as example


Driver Type – you want to rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint fit & finish


2-Step Paint Protection service is a deep cleaning of the painted surface (clay bar + paint decontamination) with the application of a 1-Year Ceramic Sealant – creating a barrier between the elements and paint in order to help prevent degradation.

Protective Qualities – instant and effective protection to help create a barrier between vehicle paint and road salt and other road grime

Lifespan – 1 year (depending on vehicle upkeep)

Driver Type – you want a cost-effective paint protection