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About Our Car Detailing Services

We offer four car detailing service options for you to choose from to help rejuvenate and preserve the aesthetic feel of your vehicle investment. Driving your vehicle can be a stressful ordeal in Ottawa’s tough four season driving conditions.  A clean vehicle makes the driving experience more enjoyable.

To properly start our car detailing service selection process, there is a primary question you need to answer in order to filter and match your service selection.

What level of exterior service (hand wash, paint sealant or express buff) do you require, as all interior services are the same for our three packages.  It’s the level of the exterior service which differentiates the services.

Service Highlights

Our car detailing packages have been designed to rejuvenate the aesthetic look and feel of your vehicle.  Highlighted below are key features to expect in all of our packages.  All of our staff adhere to an internal quality control service commitment.

Tornador Detail Tool
Interior Car Detailing
LED light inspection

Our Car Detailing Packages

Gold Pkg. | Paint Correction & Complete Steam Clean Shampoo

Lots of Spring Availability | SAVE the Most


The Gold Package is our top-of-line car detailing package that corrects minor paint blemishes (e.g. snow brush marks) on the exterior and with a complete interior steam clean & detailing.

Service Highlight – exterior service helps to correct paint blemishes from Ottawa’s harsh driving conditions – most notably snow brush marks

Driver Type – service is for you if you want to make your vehicle as showroom condition as possible (bearing wear & tear)

Silver Pkg. | Paint Protection & Complete Steam Clean Shampoo

Plenty of Spring Availability | BEST Value


The Silver Package is designed to give our customer’s peace-of-mind yearly paint protection (depending on vehicle upkeep) on the exterior with a complete interior steam clean & detailing.

Service Highlight – best package solution for annual exterior paint protection (depending on vehicle upkeep) against punishing outdoor Ottawa weather & a refresh clean-up of the vehicle interior

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking for a complete detailing service solution for your vehicle

Bronze Package | Complete Steam-Clean Shampoo

Limited Spring Availability


Our original car detailing service package.  The Bronze Package is designed to rejuvenate the interior of your vehicle with a complete steam clean & detailing.

Service Highlight – designed to renew your vehicle’s interior (bearing wear & tear) and make your driving experience more enjoyable

Driver Type – service is for you if your looking to refresh the vehicle interior with a complimentary deluxe hand wash on the exterior