Maintenance Wash Program

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About our Maintenance Wash Program

Our maintenance wash program is designed to offer peace-of-mind year-round protection for your vehicle’s paint.

Warranty Maintenance Wash Inspection | 3 or 12 Month Interval

For our Ceramic Coatings & GlassParency services. This program provides both a manufacturer warranty inspection, as well as, a refresh top-coat (paint and/or glass protection).

Non-Warranty Maintenance Wash | 6 Month Interval

For any non-warranty services that include: Gold & Silver Detailing Pkgs, 2 & 3-Step Paint Protection services. This program offers a bridge to your annual car detailing service package or non-warranty paint protection service.

Please note that non-warranty services require an annual re-servicing to qualify again for the following year.

Foam Cannon

Program Advantages

Top-coat refresh (paint and/or glass protection)

Bridge till your next annual car detailing service

Keep your vehicle’s paint in top-shape

Below we’ve highlighted the description/service procedure of our Maintenance Wash Program.

Service Details of Maintenance Wash Program

Hand Wash

Foam Cannon for deep cleaning
Paint Decontamination (helps remove road debris & brake dust build-up)
Clay bar (if required)
Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
Chamois Dry
Door Jamb Wipe-Down
Wipe-Down of Rims
Tire Shine

Paint/Glass Protection

Refresh application of ceramic sealant and/or glass protection

Service time

1 Hour


$100 | all vehicle types

Plus tax. Price subject to change without notice.

Our Wash Process

Vehicle in Service

maintenance wash