Gtechniq Platinum

Total Vehicle Protection Package
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Service Selection | Gtechniq Platinum Package

You’ve selected the best value total protection package for vehicles with under 10,000 km (to qualify for Gtechniq warranty). The cornerstone to this exterior & interior package is a permanent paint protection with 5 year Gtechniq warranty.

Gain peace-of-mind & protect your vehicle’s investment against the harsh four season driving conditions in the Ottawa-area.

The Best Value Ceramic Coating Package for New Vehicles


Below we describe the Gtechniq Platinum Package service application for your vehicle.

Platinum Package + 1-Step Polish | 5 Year Warranty

Comes with complimentary one day car rental

Hand Wash

Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
Chamois Dry
Door Jamb Wipe-Down
Wipe-Down of Rims
Tire Shine

Clay Bar (applied during wash process to remove surface contaminants)

1-Step Polish (to remove minor blemishes in paint prior to ceramic application)

Exterior Protection

1 layer of Platinum Paint Protection
All exterior windows treated with Platinum Glass Protection
All rim faces treated with Platinum Wheel Seal

Interior Protection

All fabric treated with Platinum Interior Protection
All leather treated with Platinum Interior Protection
All vinyl treated with Platinum Interior Protection

Paint Protection Durability

5 Year Gtechniq Warranty

Protection Diagrams