Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

Up to 9 Year Warranty Paint Protection
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Service Selection | Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

You’ve selected the best level of stress-free vehicle paint protection maintenance. Enjoy top-level swirl and chemical prevention that enables years of enjoyment and investment protection for your vehicle’s fit and finish. Unmatched ease of maintenance from a customer’s perspective after our application/coating process.

We’re an Accredited Gtechniq Shop which enables us to offer manufacturer warranty-backed protection up to 9 years (the most presently offered). Specific product and installation training allows us to give you Gtechniq’s top-level professional-grade protection for their best available fit and finish guarantee.

We’ve specifically selected a limited product collection from Gtechniq which we feel offers the best value to paint protection longevity.

Regard an application of Gtechniq as your “insurance protection” for your vehicle’s clear coat.

Our Best Value Ceramic Paint Protection Service

Resistant 10h Paint Protection | highest rated standard hardness scale

Up to 9 Year Gtechniq Warranty | highest level of surface slickness

Flash Cures to Soft Layer at 7h & Air Cures on Hard Layer at 10h

Below we describe the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra service application for your vehicle.

Crystal Serum Ultra + 1-Step Polish | 9 Year Warranty

Comes with complimentary one day car rental

Hand Wash

Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
Chamois Dry
Door Jamb Wipe-Down
Wipe-Down of Rims
Tire Shine

Clay Bar (applied during wash process to remove surface contaminants)

1-Step Polish (to remove minor blemishes in paint prior to ceramic application)

Ceramic Description

1 layer of Crystal Serum Ultra

Product Highlights

Professional ONLY application (installed by Accredited Gtechniq Detailer)
Can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals (pH2-pH13) & bird droppings
Once applied: hard 10h top layer & flexible 7h base layer
 Offers improved swirl resistance over regular 9H paint protection
Hydrophobic characteristics which makes for easy vehicle maintenance

Paint Protection Durability

9 Year Gtechniq Warranty


Crystal Serum Ultra Diagram