Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

9 Year Performance Warranty
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Service Selection | Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

You’ve selected the best level of stress-free vehicle paint protection maintenance. Enjoy top-level protection that enables years of enjoyment and investment protection for your vehicle’s fit and finish. Unmatched ease of maintenance from a customer’s perspective after our application/coating process.

As a Certified Installer, this allows us to give you Gtechniq’s top-level professional-grade protection for their best available fit and finish guarantee.

Our Best Value Ceramic Paint Protection Service

Resistant 10h Paint Protection
highest-rated standard hardness scale

9 Year Gtechniq Warranty
Peace-of-mind guarantee

Self-Cleaning properties

Below we describe the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra service application for your vehicle.

Crystal Serum Ultra + Single Stage Polish | 9 Year Warranty

Comes with complimentary loaner vehicle

Hand Wash

Foam Cannon for deep cleaning
Paint Decontamination (helps remove road debris & brake dust build-up)
Clay bar (removes surface contaminants)
Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
Chamois Dry
Door Jamb Wipe-Down
Wipe-Down of Rims
Tire Shine

Paint Correction

Single Stage Polish (removes minor blemishes in paint prior to ceramic application)

Ceramic Description

1 layer of Crystal Serum Ultra
Top-coated with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal
1 layer of C5 Wheel Armour | Wheel Protection & once applied repels brake dust making your rims very easy to keep clean
GlassParency Ceramic Windshield Protection – 3 year warranty (click for details)

Product Highlights

Professional ONLY application (installed by Accredited Gtechniq Detailer)
Can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals (pH2-pH13) & bird droppings
Once applied: hard 10h top layer & flexible 7h base layer
 Offers improved swirl resistance over regular 9H paint protection
Hydrophobic characteristics which makes for easy vehicle maintenance


9 Year Gtechniq Performance Warranty
Up to 2 Year Durability for Wheel Armour
3 Year Performance Warranty for Glassparency Windshield Protection


Initial maintenance wash (after two weeks cure time) included in service
Hassle-free semi/annual maintenance wash program (top-coat refresh)
5 year paint protection insurance (coverage for common fit & finish repair issues) + option to extend up to 10 years

Crystal Serum Ultra Diagram