Gold Package | Pricing

Below we’ve provided the service pricing for the Gold Package service procedure.

 Starting Price

$490 | Car

$525 | Vans/Trucks/SUVs

Option to purchase 5 year ECP Plus Protection insurance

*Taxes not included, final price upon vehicle inspection. Price subject to change without notice.

 Service Expectation (ideal for following vehicles)

  • Neglected Vehicle
  • Family Vehicle
  • Make interior appear & feel as new as possible (bearing wear & tear)
  • Minor Paint Correction (correct snow brush marks, fine swirls, etc)
  • Paint Protection (up to 1 yr. protection – depending on vehicle upkeep)

 Service Time

  • 5.5 hours

Tailor your vehicle's needs to our services

  • Scratch Removal – $50 (per scratch – to be quoted)

  • Headliner Shampoo – $50

  • UV Ozone Machine – $100

  • Vomit/Urine/Feces – $150 (to be quoted)

*Prices subject to change without notice, doesn’t include tax.