Total Glass Protection

Enhance Driving Safety | 3 Year Warranty
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Glassparency Improves Visibility in Inclement Weather

Ottawa has harsh four season driving conditions. To help promote safe driving, we’re Ottawa’s only authorized Glassparency installer. Glassparency is a cost-effective hydrophobic coating for either your windshield or total protection of all exterior windows of your vehicle.

The benefits are visible. The difference is vital.

Improve Driving Safety

When drivers struggle the most.

4 Season Protection

Makes ice, snow & road dirt much easier to remove.

3 Year Warranty

Glassparency performance warranty protection.


Our Glassparency Packages

Maintenance Wash is included in the initial Glassparency service application. 


Glassparency service include a quarterly maintenance re-application reminder.

This is an automated text message & email sent by Glassparency to you & setup during the initial warranty registration.


Bundle either Glassparency Windshield or Total Protection with another service package & SAVE! 

Other services packages include (car detailing, paint protection, paint protection film)

Glassparency Highlights include:

Front Windshield Application

SAVE 10% OFF Glassparency Service when Bundled

3 Year Performance Warranty | No-Charge Maintenance Application with paid maintenance wash

Automated Quarterly Reminder Messages | text & email | for maintenance application

FREE maintenance application W/ ANY car detailing service


Our Windshield Protection Package includes:

Maintenance Wash

  • (Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning, Chamois Dry, Tire Shine, Wipe-Down of Rims & Door Jambs)
  • Paint Decon (if you received a paint protection service with us)
  • Top-Coat Re-application (if required & if you received a paint protection service with us)

Front Windshield Application

3 Year performance warranty | no-charge maintenance application with paid maintenance wash


Cars | $115 (plus tax)

Vans/trucks/SUV | $130 (plus tax)

For quarterly warranty maintenance (if desired & for optimal performance)

  • FREE maintenance application w/ ANY car detailing service
  • WITHOUT car detailing service a Maintenance wash at $100 + tax is required

*All prices subject to change