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FAQ for our Services

Maintaining your vehicle’s fit and finish comes in a variety of areas including car detailing, paint protection, polishing, etc.  We’ve provided answers to some of our most common questions asked by customers below.

Q: How do I get salt stains out of the carpet of my vehicle?

The blended water (commercial soap and anti-bacterial solution) within our shampoo extractors gets heated up to 90 degrees Celsius, which enables road salt and grime to be vaporized.  Vacuuming the carpets solely will not remove salt and grime. This service is offered in the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

Q: I have leather seats can I still have them shampooed?

Yes, you can shampoo leather and it is highly recommended as dirt can embed itself in the leather. To provide the best result, we utilize our tornador detail tool to clean/detail the leather surface.

Q: How do I remove swirl marks out of the vehicle paint?

Our Paint Correction (Express Buff) is specially formulated to correct minor paint blemishes (stage-one is low RPM cut-in speed – no clear coat removal), followed by an air-gun ceramic coating application. Minor swirl/snow brush marks are a reoccurring element and are more noticeable on dark colored vehicles. While the express buff doesn’t cut into the clear coat, this process can be done numerous times to correct this ongoing concern. This service is offered in both our Paint Correction and Gold package.

Q: What is the difference between a wax, paint sealant, polish & ceramic coating?

Carnauba wax – organically blended and provides protection against UV rays, as a result the shine produced from the carnauba wax is greater than that found in a paint sealant.

Paint sealant – synthetically blended and bonds to the paint to form a ridged shell for long lasting protection.

Polish – high-end gloss treatment where a polisher machine applies a paint treatment material at a higher revolution per minute than that of a Carnauba wax or paint sealant.

Ceramic – once cured a Ceramic coating will transform on the vehicle paint surface to a permanent, ridged and flexible glass shield.

Q: How long does a typical wax, paint sealant and polish application last for on a vehicle before another application is required?

Please visit the paint protection section for further information

Q: How often should I wash my vehicle?

Environmental factors tend to dictate when it is best to clean the exterior of your vehicle. Throughout the summer months once every two weeks is sufficient to clean off bugs, pollen and other contaminants. If you drive in rural areas and/or highway driving where bugs are a bit more of a problem then once a week is best. (When bugs hit your vehicle they have an acidic component and without cleaning those off it can leave marks in the paint of your vehicle.)

The autumn months present issues with falling leaves and usually every two weeks is fine to wash your vehicle. Wet leaves left on your vehicle’s paint can leave imprinted marks due to their carbon component; take this into account and if so wash your vehicle more frequently.

During the winter months once every two weeks again is adequate; mainly to clean-off road salt residue which can affect your vehicle’s paint.