ECP Plus Protection Plan

5 Year Exterior Paint Protection Insurance
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Paint Protection Insurance | ECP Plus Plan

Enjoy the insurance benefits not found in most factory warranties related to fit & finish coverage + repair. Maximize your enjoyment and peace-of-mind related to daily driving annoyances and mishaps that may impact your vehicle’s fit & finish.

Our paint protection insurance is provided through Entire Car Protection (ECP – serving dealer & partners like ourselves since 1969) & requires installation of applying The Protector Ceramic Sealant Paint Protection.

Peace-of-mind insurance coverage with no deductibles, no worries & hassle!

Services that Qualify for Insurance Coverage

Included on following Ceramic Coating Services

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (5 year ceramic coating)
Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra (9 year ceramic coating) + option to extend up to 10 years

Applied as a top-coat with initial maintenance wash (two weeks after install & cure time).

Available on following Car Detailing Services

Gold Package (Comprehensive Interior Detail + 3-Step Paint Protection Service)
3-Step Paint Protection Service (Paint Protection Service)

Once purchased, applied as the paint protection for the above mentioned service.

Insurance Coverage Benefits

Long-Term Coverage
5 year paint coverage insurance

New & Used Car Eligibility
Current model & up to 5 years old

Transparent Coverage
Full repair completed by JREK Autocare

Below we’ve highlighted the coverage description with pricing.

Details of ECP Plus Insurance


 Any vehicle up to 5 years old

Dollar Amount of Insurance Coverage

Up to the purchased value of vehicle

Timeframe of Insurance

 5 years

Repair of Insurable Items

 Completed by JREK Autocare

    • We submit a photo of claim to insurance & once approved we repair

Paint Protection Coverage

Any damage suffered due to climate, fading, chalking or disappearance of shinny aspects due to:

UV Rays
Acid Rain
Tree Sap
Insect damage
Bird droppings
Ocean Spray
Hard Water Spots
De-Icing Agents/Road Salts
Brake Dust & Rail Dust
Paint Over-spray
Fuel Stain Protection
Headlight Lens Protection
Black Molding Protection
Weather induced fading/chalking/loss of gloss


All vehicles $395 (insurance-only)

To purchase insurance, requires installation by JREK Autocare in the form of applying The Protector Ceramic Sealant Paint Protection available in two service options:

Included with select Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection film services (see above for qualifying services)

Insurance pricing doesn’t include tax. Price subject to change without notice.

Before/After | Coverage Repairs

All repairs are completed by JREK Autocare

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  3. We schedule your installation appointment
  4. Your vehicle is serviced & we setup your warranty online for you

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