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Ceramic Pro Marine | Ultimate Boat Protection

Enjoying those beautiful summer days boating on your favorite lake or river overtime can create harsh environmental conditions, namely: UV rays and oxidization which if left untreated can leaded to fading and cracking of your boat’s vinyl seating and also deterioration of the gel coat finish.

Ceramic Pro Marine is the most advanced marine protective coating to offer you peace-of-mind protection on your boat’s investment and have years of enjoyment without worrying about your boat’s fit and finish.  Once applied it will protect your boat’s gel coat, paint, rubbers and plastics against aging and fading colors.

So What is Ceramic Pro Exactly?

It’s a clear, non-yellowing, liquid nano-ceramic coating.  When cured, it will transform & bond itself on the boat’s surface to become a rigid, flexible super-slick glass shield.  Regard Ceramic Pro as a sacrificial layer to the factory paint, gel coat or vinyl.

There are the two main products (with descriptions) applied in our warranty packages.  Ceramic Pro Marine becomes a protective barrier against oxidization and growth of algae on the bottom portion of the boat haul.  Cleaning the boat can bow be completed in half the time.  Ceramic Pro Bravo is designed for the above waterline gel coat and inhibits similar protection characteristics to the Marine.  Longevity for both (based on number of applied layers) | 1 to 5 years.


This product requires a strong attention to detail and a solid understanding of how solvent based coating products work.  As such, we’re Certified Installers for both Marine and the Automotive coating process of Ceramic Pro.  (We’re Eastern Ontario’s only Certified Marine Installer.)  Previous boat detailing experience, includes: training the detailing department at Hurst Marine and working at Ed Huck Marine.

Please complete the contact form below to receive pricing.  Pricing is quote based on footage, overall dimensions of the boat and if wet sanding is required.

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Below we’ve highlighted the description/procedure of the two service packages available.

Protect Your Boat Investment Today

Oxidization and Corrosion Resistant
Protects Vinyl from Accidental Spills
Protects Metal Finishes from Water Spot Etching
Ceramic Pro is Self-Cleaning – Zero Maintenance

UV Protection Ceramic Pro Marine

We offer two types of Ceramic Pro Packages.  Any boat that is over 12 months can’t qualify for the Gold Pkg. (3 year warranty).  Complete Contact Form below to get a quoted price.  (All prices are subject to change without notice.)

Gold Package | 3 Year Warranty | 2 Day Install

Starting at $200/linear ft. (plus tax & final quote upon boat inspection)

  • 2 Layers of Ceramic Pro Marine (gel coat/paint above & below waterline, all interior surfaces, metal & vinyls)
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Bravo (all gel coat above water line)
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Squall (all glass)

*Annual maintenance inspection required (additional charges may apply)

*Lifetime warranty (renewed annually after third year)

  • $33/linear ft. (annual cost)
  • Includes wash inspection, 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Bravo on all gel coat

*Warranty provide by Ceramic Pro

Silver Package | 18 Month Warranty | Half-day Install

Starting at $68/linear ft (plus tax & final quote upon boat inspection)

  • 2 Layers of Ceramic Pro Bravo (all gel coat above the water line)

*Warranty provide by Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro Marine Vinyl Application

Additional Ceramic Pro Marine Services

Ceramic Pro Squall | 1 hr. Install

Starting at $65 (plus tax)

  • 2 layers of squall applied to all glass

Ceramic Pro Marine on Boat Decks | 3 hr. Install

Starting at $50/linear ft (plus tax & final quote upon boat inspection)

  • 1 layer of Marine on deck portion only

Ceramic Pro Marine on Vinyl | 3 hr. Install

Starting at $590 (plus tax & final quote upon boat inspection)

  • 1 layer of Marine on vinyl furniture

Ceramic Pro Marine on Haul | 3hr – 1 day Install

Starting at $78/linear ft (plus tax & final quote upon boat inspection)

  • 1 layer of Marine on below water line gel coat