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Ceramic Pro Gold Package | Pricing

Below we’ve provided the service pricing for the top-of-line Ceramic Pro Gold package application.

Gold Package Price

$1500 | Compact | Includes Two Day Car Rental

$1700 | Mid Size | Includes Two Day Car Rental

$1900 | Vans/Trucks/SUVs | Includes Two Day Car Rental


*Taxes not included, final price upon vehicle inspection. Price subject to change without notice.

 1 Step Polish (Paint Correction) | $300 + Tax

Most likely required prior to ceramic application as the painted surface needs to be smooth in order for the coating to bond properly & to qualify for warranty.

Alternative Option

Should the additional 1 Step Polish charge combined with the Ceramic Pro Package be out of your budget, please consider the following service alternative:

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra | 9 Year Warranty Protection | Includes 1 Step Polish

 Service Time

  • 2.5 days



 Service Expectation (ideal for following vehicles)

  • Investment to protect paint coating from deteriorating
  • Less maintenance – basic paint protection becomes obsolete
  • Self-Cleaning Effects
  • Lifetime warranty-backed protection provided by Ceramic Pro & verified through Carfax

Annual Maintenance

Ceramic Pro warranty requires an annual maintenance inspection.

We offer the best value for our customers!

Deluxe hand wash
LED light inspection
COMPLIMENTARY Ceramic Pro Sport top coat application (Added performance protection for your vehicle – $100 non-cash value)

Annual Maintenance is $60 (tax not included, price subject to change)