3-Step Paint Protection Service

Correct Minor Paint Blemishes
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This service is designed to help rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint surface. Over the past ten years we’ve developed a non-invasive service procedure utilizing a high-speed polisher technique, where the cut-in speed is high enough to correct minor blemishes (e.g. snow brush marks), yet not fast enough where minimal clear coat is removed from your vehicle’s paint.

Since we live in a harsh driving climate, our paint correction service can be completed multiple times before affecting the integrity of your vehicle’s clear coat.

Bring Back that Showroom Shine

Correct minor scratches

Correct snow brush marks

Correct harsh climate wear/tear

Below we’ve highlighted the description/procedure of our 3-Step Paint Protection Service.

Details of 3-Step Paint Protection Service

Deluxe Hand Wash

Foam Cannon for deep cleaning
Paint Decontamination (helps remove road debris & brake dust build-up)
Rim/Tire/Wheel Well Cleaning
Chamois Dry
Door Jamb Wipe-Down
Wipe-Down of Rims
Tire Shine

Step 1 | Clay Bar + Paint Decontamination (applied during wash process)

Removes surface contaminants: Brake dust, road debris, etc.
Deep-cleans painted surface

Step 2 | Paint Correction

Minor correction of snow brush marks, light swirls

Step 3 | Paint Protection Application

1 year Ceramic Sealant

Paint Protection Durability

5 year with ECP Plus Protection insurance


Foam Cannon 

car soap embeds into all nooks & crannies for deep clean

Paint Correction

in the process of correcting the hood

Paint Decontamination

purple spots is the chemical reacting with brake dust

Team effort

team members completing 3-step paint protection