Basic Paint Protection Film Service

Standard 5-piece package
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Service Selection | Basic Package | 3M Pro Series/STEK Paint Protection Film

You’ve selected our basic paint protection film service which offers a cost-effective partial front end solution for your vehicle’s paint surface.  The 3M Pro Series & STEK DYNOshield film we use is top-of-line and has self-healing technology.  (Should you get a nick in the film you can pour hot water over the area and place in the sun and it will self-correct.)

We exclusively use either 3M’s or STEK’s top-of-line film to provide you with the best paint protection film solution against Ottawa’s harsh four season driving climate and to maintain your vehicle’s investment. As a result, both the 3M & STEK film are designed to protect vulnerable areas of your vehicle that are prone to degradation from road & environmental debris.

Protect Against Stone Chips

Maintenance free (peace-of-mind)

Stain & fade resistant

Can be removed easily

Below we’ve highlighted the description/procedure of our Basic Paint Protection Film service.

Details of Basic Paint Protection Film Package

Areas installed for this service

Partial hood (approximately 22 in. of the front portion of vehicle hood)
Fenders (front portion of fender panels)
Side mirrors
All areas are wrapped for maximum coverage at the leading edge of paint

Completed Partial Hood Paint Protection Film